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Point Cloud to CAD Conversion for a Mining Site, France

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Point Cloud to CAD Conversion for a Mining Site, France

Project Overview

Client Profile
Scanning and Data Consultant
Infrastructure Development
Configuration, DSM, Log, Model, Acquisition Details, Ortho-photography, Point Cloud Data, Slope Degree
CAD Drawing, Final Stockpiles volume with detailed Report in Excel
AutoCAD AutoCAD Logo Google Earth Logo Mensura

Business Needs

A scanning and data consultancy company from France needed to transform data of a mining site scanned by their drones and develop CAD drawings. They needed the CAD drawings to enable them to build an easy and safe workflow for mine digging.


  • Analyzing and understanding uneven slope, road sub-base and topography before beginning the actual CAD conversion.
  • Complex topography like steep banks, overgrown areas demanded skilled interpretation for the placement of safety berms.
  • Accurately interpreting cracks and fissures in the scanned data.

Our Solutions & Approach

Transformed data of a mining site scanned by drones and developed CAD drawings.

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  • CAD engineers and managers at Hitech CADD Services initiated the project to create the right drawing set for the consultant to derive insightful results.
  • Our project engineers studied the scanned files to analyse the topography and plan the haul road, safety berm, quarry face and compute stockpiles.
  • Using software like AutoCAD and Mensura, the spatial information of the site was converted into highly-detailed and accurate CAD engineering drawings.
  • A detailed report to determine the lifecycle of the mine was prepared in excel for project documentation and site data analysis.
Point Cloud to CAD Conversion
Point Cloud to CAD Conversion

Business Impact

Accurate documents helped the client facilitate the entire project based on required standards. The feedback loops and quality matrix used by project engineers helped the client establish an easy and safe workflow for mine digging operations.

Project Samples

Point Cloud Modeling
Point Cloud Modeling
Point Cloud Conversion
Point Cloud Conversion
Surface Mining Plan
Surface Mining Plan
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