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3D CAD Modeling Services

Our product design development teams help in developing your components or products in SolidWorks 3D CAD models to better comprehend and review designs.

We turn conceptual ideas, mockups, hand drawn sketches to 2D drawings and 3D CAD models for sheet metal fabricators and product manufacturing companies. Providing the opportunity to plan the manufacturing and assembly processes early in the development cycle, our 3D solid modeling support plays a crucial role in reducing the cost of expensive tooling.

Our engineers and drafters deliver 3D CAD modeling services using industry leading modeling and sketching tools to develop high-quality models everything ranging from small parts to large assemblies.

Our 3D CAD modeling services include:

  • 3D solid models for small, large and complex mechanical parts and assemblies
  • CAD models for large assembly designs
  • CAM-ready flat patterns DXF including bend compensation and sheet metal manufacturing cost estimation
  • 3D models for welded structures, frames and bases
  • Piping and tubing design with accurate bend tables, cut lengths and BOMs
  • 3D modeling services from 2D CAD / scanned / hand drawings for industrial components, assemblies and plant layouts
  • Reverse engineering of legacy parts, new product development and competitor product analysis
  • Surface modeling to represent complex surface geometries in CAD format

Mechanical 3D CAD Modeling Case Studies

Our integrated team of qualified engineers with broad experience and good exposure to various projects help in delivering creative and quality engineering services

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