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Steel Detailing Services

Our unparalleled steel detailing services combined with years of experience facilitate development of sustainable buildings using Tekla.

Our experience of delivering structural steel detailing services using Tekla empowers us to deliver structural 3D models with overall improved strength for buildings and infrastructure development. We develop 2D fabrication drawings for steel detailing and rebar detailing to provide strength to critical structural members.

We deliver Tekla steel detailing services along with prefabrication and precast drawings for members to align steel fabricators with contractors. We also have experience in developing BIM-ready information rich 3D models, reinforcing steel detailing, anchor setting plan, connectivity diagrams, and shop bolt summary. Our X-Steel detailing services ensures accurate construction documentation to achieve multidisciplinary coordination.

Structural steel detailing services include:

  • 2D CAD plans and shop drawings for steel elements like beams, columns, trusses, stairs, etc. for steel fabrication and precast building elements
  • Modeling for BIM process to enhance collaboration
  • BOMs and order quantities documentation generated through BIM models
  • Construction sequencing timeline with detailed Steel Estimation
  • Advanced Bill Of Materials for tenders and bids especially for public projects
  • Intelligent BIM models for enhanced collaboration between engineers and designers

Steel Detailing Case Studies

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