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Steel Detailing Services

Structures are growing tall and sturdy by the day, removing inaccuracies and imparting appropriate strength to the construction with precise steel detailing has become an ever increasing challenge.

Our structural steel detailing services include development of elementary level drawings to advanced bill of materials using Tekla for steel frame construction of building and industrial construction. We associate with general contractors, structural design companies and fabricators for steel and rebar detailing and fabrication drawings of iconic infrastructure projects.

Our teams of Tekla X-steel experts deliver high quality outputs for steel detailing and rebar detailing plans to take informed decisions for steel fabrication and imparting strength to steel structures. From shop drawings and erection drawings to entire process plant erection, we possess the skills to deliver accurate construction documentation for safety across the lifecycle.

Steel detailing project delivery competences:

  • Precast and Prefabrication steel detailing plans
  • Reinforce detailing and anchor setting plans
  • Connectivity diagrams and shop bolt summary
  • BOMs and estimates for tenders and bids
  • Construction sequencing with accurate QTOs
  • Integrating piping and production equipment into structural designs
  • Plan construction efficiency through CG modules
  • Coordination models for analysis, plant design and fabrication software
  • Detailing for steel frame sections, rebar footing details
  • Steel component diagrams for bridges, dams and civil buildings
  • Metal and steel stair/staircases detailing and guardrails/handrails detailing

Our teams act as an extended detailing support to your in-house structural design engineers to also assist in delivering roof truss drawings, rebar shop drawings etc. to help them design quality structures and collaborate well with other engineers and architects. We understand the need of steel reinforcement for imparting appropriate strength to high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, condo hotels and structures like oil rigs, gigantic gates, etc.

Challenges and our solutions for structural steel detailing:

  • When steel joints are corroded especially for on shore oil rigs, our Tekla detailing teams provide insights with reinforcement drawings at joints and sections.
  • Detecting internal clashes of steel structure with concrete which we resolve using Navisworks.
  • Specifying specific order quantity to steel fabricators for which we help in estimating and calculating accurate material takeoffs.
  • Structures for large construction are hybrid making the rebar joints complicated. Our versatility to work with industry leading steel detailing platforms empowers us to help engineers in seamless collaboration.

Our steel detailing professionals having rich knowledge of steel detailing standards including AISC, AWS, NISD, Euro Codes and British Standard Codes, Australian Institute of Steel Construction and Canadian Institute of Steel Construction collaborate with global structural design firms.

Our rich experience in structural steel detailing services:

Our on board team of 50+ steel detailers and structural engineers having more than 25 years of experience collaborate with construction firms and contracting companies across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia for deep insights of structural steel detailing.

Talk to us today for your structural steel detailing related requirements.

Steel Detailing Case Studies

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