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Design Automation

Design Automation Service
Generate more design variants of the same product in less time with design automation solution.
Designed 70,000+ doors with reduced cost and faster response time, using logical rules for design automation.Read the Case Study

When your product designers are engrossed in repetitive, routine and time-consuming tasks, it stops your firm from offering range of customizations. Design automation can get you to achieve 70% faster design cycles that reduces 4-5 days of work to a few hours offering you to opt for ETO (Engineer-to-Order) over mass production.

Benefits for Design Automation

Our design automation experts can help you achieve this efficiency by generating 2D drawings and 3D models with sales quotes directly and automatically from a standard 3D CAD systems. We are committed to deliver engineering design automation for industrial equipment manufacturers, fabricators, custom furniture manufacturers, construction professionals and bespoke building products that optimally address end-users’ needs.

With design automation through product configurator; we help you avoid expensive design errors and minimize change orders by following constraint-based solutions of each customized feature of the design, optimally.

Areas of our expertise for design automation

If you manufacture products that are largely similar in utility but each has specific needs due to operational environment or varying mating parts; design automation is the right alternative. Besides saving you time and reworks; our expertise includes intelligent development of master 3D models for customization across enlisted areas:

  • Doors & windows for residential & industrial estates
  • Custom furniture for offices, hospitality, etc.
  • Oil and gas industry equipment
  • Pressure storage tanks
  • Piping & Plant layout
  • Shopfitting furniture: Racks, shelving, casework etc.
  • Playground equipment
  • MEP & HVAC ducts
  • Balustrades and canopies
  • Façades

Explore our work: Product Configurator development for a Furniture Manufacturer, USA

We help you generate fabrication-valid custom CAD drawings.

We focus on the needs of custom manufacturers to meet the delivery dates and schedules, whether you are launching new products or upgrading an existing one. By integrating your CAD systems, parts and modules to automation platforms; our design automation experts help you to develop custom CAD drawings and BOQs with complete specs of variants.

We also integrate ERPs with self-developed DIY Configurators to track machine data and resource availability for fabrication on shop floor and provide accurate sales quotes with delivery dates. From developing CAD configurators to CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) solutions; we help you set up design automation solutions amongst your sales and manufacturing teams to enable remote work.

Process Tank Configurator for industrial equipment manufacturer using Inventor & iLogic

Read Case Study

Why should custom manufacturers invest in design automation?

By collaborating with your design engineers; we enable right custom product designs the first time and enable faster manufacturing. Irrespective of number of individual design requirements from the customers; design automation platforms will empower you with:

  • Need based product customization
  • Drawing automation
  • BOM customization
  • Document generation PDF, Word, EXCEL etc.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Accelerated design cycle time
  • Integration of ERP, CRM, MES & CAD data
  • Implementation of ETO/BTO
  • Operate lean to save costs

We remain the most trustworthy partners in the engineering design offshoring industry. Our continued legacy of 25+ years of successful and on-time delivery empowers you with the right partnership values and improved manufacturing efficiency.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with our design automation specialists today.

Design Automation Case Study
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