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Structural Case Study

Analysis of the Steel Structure Supporting the Boiler for a Cement Manufacturer, UAE

The Client
Industrial Construction, UAE

Client Profile

The client is one of the largest cement manufacturing and exporting firms in UAE.

Heavy Boiler for Cement Manufacturer
Heavy Boiler for Cement Manufacturer
Heavy Boiler for Cement Manufacturer
Heavy Boiler for Cement Manufacturer

The Challenge

The client wanted to build a supporting structure for a new boiler at their cement manufacturing facility, which would help them substantially increase their manufacturing capacity. The steel structure was designed for a height of 55 meters, with the bulk of the boiler at the top of the structure. The model needed to ensure that the structure would withstand the wind loads as well as seismic loads typical to that region.

The Solution

Actual input drawings received from the structural design firm were compared against the analysis model of the structure, and the designers then needed to provide heavier beam-beam, and beam-column bracing connections. Along with these changes, the model was then developed using Tekla. Detailed general assembly drawings, and shop drawings were extracted from the structural model.

Business Benefits

The accurate shop drawings helped the client to reduce the installation time on site, which further brought down the costs of the project.

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