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Structural Case Study

Structural Steel Detailing of an Off-shore Oil Platform in Tekla, Texas, USA

The Client
Oil & Gas, Texas, USA

Client Profile

The Client is a more than 100 years old American company, with diverse businesses ranging from Oil & Gas, to Mining, to Construction, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Water Management.

Steel Structure Detailing for Developing an Offshore Oil Platform in USA
Steel Structure Detailing for Developing an Offshore Oil Platform in USA

The Challenge

The project lasted for nearly a year, starting with the client sharing part drawings of tray & pipe supports, which were to be modeled into the main Tekla model at the exact coordinates that determined each pipe or tray’s position on the main platform. The project extended to include modeling for the stair towers, access platforms, chain guide, and sub-sea distribution unit. There was no margin for error, and while working on strict timelines, the team also received a fairly large number of revision drawings from the client, whose changes had to be incorporated accurately into the model.

The Solution

The team first understood the client’s structural steel modeling standards, and then divided the work on the pipe and tray layouts, stair towers, access platforms, and other sections of the main model, and implemented the client’s standards for steel detailing. This enabled them to maintain the pace and frequency of submittals to the client.

Business Benefits

The accurate modeling of the pipe and tray supports in Tekla, along with the stair towers, access platforms, chain guides, and the sub-sea distribution unit, ensured that the fabrication schedule did not suffer any delays which frequently riddle projects of a similar nature, costing the client millions of dollars and wastage of resources.

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