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Steel Detailing for Pedestrian Bridge on Highway, NSW, Australia

Project information
Client Profile
Structural Steel Fabricator in Mining and Construction Industry
New South Wales, Australia
Infrastructure Development Industry
Architectural and Structural Drawings of the Bridge
Shop Drawings, Assembly Drawings, Part Drawings and GA Drawings
Tekla Structures
Structural Steel Detailing Services
Client Challenges:
  • The highway where the bridge was constructed was the busiest one, which challenged the construction.
  • The architectural drawings lacked to the point information about steel members levels and the location.
  • The structure inputs were having very few connections. Also the steel members were in form of just line sketches instead of providing actual member and that too without top of steel levels.

Our steel detailing solutions to client:

Our structural engineers and steel detailers acquired the pedestrian bridge design and created structural 3D model in Tekla and started to develop the missing steel joints to get approvals. While the steel detailing work began, the structural engineers and architect were constantly updated the drawings.

The final steel detailing drawing shared by our Tekla detailing teams were approved by the client which help the fabricator to deliver and install at site location without disrupting the traffic. Also appropriate bridge construction plan was carried out without any delays or deviations in schedules.

Steel Detailing of Pedestrian Bridge
Detailing Structural Steel
Shop Drawing Eamp Deck Plan Details
Shop Drawings Bolt Layout
Steel Shop Drawings of Bridge Sections
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