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Rebar Detailing for a Residential Apartment Building, Belgium

Project information
Client Profile
Architectural Services Firm
Residential Construction
Architectural drawings, structural member sketches & reinforcement arrangement
Rebar plan & details at every floor/levels
Tekla Structures
Structural Rebar Detailing Services
Client Challenges:
  • Major challenge was to adapt the foreign language [French] and understand each footnote details mentioned in the drawings.
  • Deliver the rebar detailing plans conforming to European Rebar Standards.
  • Understanding stringent drafting standards of the client.

Our rebar detailing solutions to client:

The architectural firm from the Belgium approached Hitech to develop rebar detailing and rebar scheduling plans for the residential complex. The design was shared with the project team in the form if architectural drawings and structural drawings which were imported to Tekla.

The information embedded in the steel structure model ensured that the rebar plan and the bar bending schedules generated were accurate; which lead to no construction material waste and fewer RFIs and changes.

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