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Precise material estimates enabled accurate cost estimation for door and frames manufacturer

Mechanical Engineering Case Studies
hollow metal door production order

Project Overview

Client Profile
Hollow metal and wooden doors, frames, Windows, and hardware manufacturer
Building products manufacturing
Architectural 2D drawings and door-window schedules
Excel files with detailed estimates
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Business Needs

The client was looking for growth and expansion of their firm and needed to increase the volume of bids along with high accuracy. But current legacy methods for cost estimation were erroneous for multi-component doors-window manufacturing projects and needed acceleration.


  • The client manufactures doors and windows for many architectural specifications. Each project has a different requirement to calculate quantities and hence has different estimation templates. Understanding each template is a mammoth task
  • Identification and finalization of the right kind of door hardware as per the type of door and frames, and their dimensions
  • Understanding fire ratings for each door and window and its hardware is a challenge
  • Bringing all the client data into the system for use in manufacturing, purchase, installation, and delivery planning is a mammoth task

Our Solutions & Approach

Get accurate quantity takeoff and place the bids confidently

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The client shared architectural input drawings of the construction project to calculate the number of doors, frames, windows, sidelites, transom, open case, and hardware both normal and fire rated made of metal and wood. It demanded having sound knowledge of specialty doors and windows like soundproof, bulletproof, fire rated, and other special products.

hollow metal door charges
Estimation Sheet for Hollow Metal Doors
PSF charges for frame
Estimation Sheet for Door Frame
  • A project team of 3 estimation experts was assembled to study the input drawings and milestones were defined
  • Doors, frames and windows were shortlisted with the markup number for each room
  • As the team studied the drawings it was provided with rigorous training from the chief estimator at the client’s end to explain their estimation needs
  • An Excel Spreadsheet was prepared by the client’s in-house team of estimators which was thoroughly reviewed and understood by the team
  • Quantity takeoff was calculated for door hardware, frames, transoms, etc. from a unit matrix developed from the architectural drawings
  • Final material takeoffs were estimated for the complete project and populated in the templates developed by the client 
  • Spreadsheets were checked on a random basis to ensure the quality of deliverables before shipping to the client  

Business Impact

Project Samples

Configurator Sheet for Door Data
Manufacturing order manager
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