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Increased bid-to-win ratio of cabinet maker using macro based QTO

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Kitchen Cabinet

Project Overview

Client Profile
Kitchen cabinet manufacturer
Residential furniture
Architectural drawings
3D CAD Models with BOMs
2020 Design Logo

Business Needs

  • Develop layout drawings and models for high-end luxury kitchen in 2020 Design.
  • Provide exact value of quantity take-offs based on input architectural drawings in Excel spreadsheets for accuracy in bids.


  • Need for relevant skills to calculate accurate estimates of complete project cost.
  • Short turnaround times to impart training to in-house engineers for accuracy in bidding contracts.
  • Lengthy and tedious process of calculating costs did not permit the manufacturer to place multiple bids at once.

Our Solutions & Approach

Saved time and reduced Errors with macros for QTO.

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The client shared finalized architectural drawings as inputs to create cabinet drawings and calculate quantities for accurate bidding. Hitech teams raised RFIs to ask questions for cabinet details and design intent.

3D CAD Model of Kitchen Cabinet
3D CAD Model of Kitchen Cabinet
  • Once details were available, the team manually calculated veneers, boxes, and their sizes, and estimated the quantity of different types of wood such as particle board, ply, etc.
  • Other cabinet accessories like doors, hinges, handles, etc. were also calculated using Excel spreadsheets.
  • Based on quantities, material estimation was done and shared with the client after thorough QC.
  • Costs were calculated based on our inputs and cost for bought out items were added to estimate total project cost.
  • 2020 Design has an inbuilt library of cabinets that helped speed up the overall layout development cycle.
  • Project team was managed in such a way that two furniture design experts worked alternatively and consistently for 24 hours to ensure all deadlines were met.
Kitchen Architectural Drawings
Kitchen Architectural Drawings

Business Impact

Project Samples

Architectural Drawings for Cabinet
Architectural Drawings for Cabinet
Architectural Drawings of Kitchen Cabinet
Architectural Drawings of Kitchen Cabinet
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