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Detailed furniture manufacturing drawings reduce TAT by 50%

Mechanical Engineering Case Studies
Develop Drawings for Display Furniture

Project Overview

Client Profile
Furniture manufacturer
Retail furniture manufacturing
Freehand rough sketches of furniture
2D detailed manufacturing drawings with BOMs
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Business Needs

  • Develop drawings for display furniture having sustainable designs and versatility.
  • Manage customized and ever changing designs needs of customers.
  • Ensure low damage risk of furniture from manufacturing to installation site.
  • Introduce innovative furniture design to attract more customers.


  • Constant changes in designs and managing the design to manufacturing cycle on time.
  • Limited availability of floor space in malls and shopping centers to adjust complex designs.
  • Minimize ECOs to meet delivery timelines.
  • Generate comprehensive manufacturing drawings as per regional and/or international standards.

Our Solutions & Approach

Reduce manufacturing cost and time to half for furniture manufacturing with CAD drawings and models

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The client shared input sketches as design briefs for all display furniture which were studied by the project team to understand the design intent.

Freehand Sketches of Display Furniture
Freehand Sketches of Display Furniture
Manufacturing Drawings of Display Furniture
Manufacturing Drawings of Display Furniture
  • A team of SolidWorks drafters started creating initial CAD drafts based on inputs and raised RFIs for detailing.
  • First round of approvals were received from client with change suggestions, details of the merchandise and material to be used such as wood, acrylic, sheet metal, etc.
  • The drafters updated the drawings as per the information and at the same time client also began developing sketches of interiors to enable simultaneous work.
  • Dedicated project team of three experts prepared 3D models and rendered images in SolidWorks for approvals and RFIs.
  • From feedback and information, 2D manufacturing drawings with BOMs were generated suitable to client’s manufacturing facility.
  • Entire process of transforming conceptual sketches to assembly models and manufacturing drafts was completed in 72 hours.

Business Impact

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