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Structural Case Study

Tekla Steel Model for a Business Park in Australia

The Client
Residential & Commercial Construction, Perth, Australia

Client Profile

The Client is a firm specializing in providing drafting services for residential & commercial projects, since 25 years.

Tekla Model for a Business Park Building
Tekla Model for a Business Park Building
Tekla Model for a Business Park Building

The Challenge

The client was working on a project to develop a business park in Perth, Australia. The project was minimizing construction time using prefabricated building components. And this depended largely on the accuracy of the information contained in the building and structural model. While working on the project, the team received a large amount of revisions from the client.

The Solution

The project team focused on perfecting the top of steel for all beams as that directly affected the prefabrication. Smart resource planning enabled the team to accommodate all the revisions and changes in the Tekla model within a stipulated time, allowing the other collaborating teams to execute the production as scheduled.

Business Benefits

By using a mix of graphical and non-graphical information in the structural steel model of the building, the client could complete the building project as per their schedule. The general arrangement drawings, assembly drawings, and part drawings enabled the client to automate the fabrication of the walls, saving substantially on the time and resource wastage that is common in traditional methods of construction.

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