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Structural Case Study

Structural Steelwork Project for a Railway Depot in UK

The Client
Infrastructure Construction, UK

Client Profile

The Client is a British firm, in existence since 1944, specializing in structural steelwork.

The Solution

The final fabrication drawings and Tekla models were developed from the given inputs and delivered well within the time lines.

Steel Detailing Capabilities for a Railway Station Depot
Steel Detailing Capabilities for a Railway Station Depot

The Challenge

The client was working on a steel structure for a railway depot in southern England. The project team had commenced work on the Tekla steel model, based on the full set of architectural and structural drawings, including the connection details, which were received from the client. There were design changes in the structure, which were communicated by the client, when the modeling was at an advanced stage. These changes were likely to affect the submission times for the GA drawings, shop drawings, and part drawings.

The Solution

The project team decided to dedicate two detailers to the project in order to accommodate the changes into the model without stretching the project timeline. That way they were able to create the Tekla steel model, and submit the general arrangement drawings, assembly drawings, part drawings, and an accurate bill of materials for the 300 ton steel structure.

Business Benefits

The information embedded in the steel model ensured that the bill of materials generated was accurate, which in turn ensured that there was no wastage of resources on-site, positively impacting the client’s budgets.

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