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Low Poly and AR Ready 3D Models of 18,000+ Products for e-commerce Wholesaler, USA

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3D product modeling commerce wholesaler

Project Overview

Client Profile
Ecommerce wholesaler of commercial restaurants supplies
Building Type
Product manufacturing
CAD drawings, Images, Scans
AR models with asset information
AutoDesk 3DS Max Logo V-Ray Adobe Photoshop

Business Needs

The company needed to showcase its entire range of products on its online portal with 360 degree visualization. To increase sales by enhancing customer buying experience, they partnered with Hitech CADD services to :

  • Create low poly 3D models of 20,000 + commercial restaurant equipment and supplies
  • For accurate rendering (PBR -Physically Based Rendering) and texturing of the models as per polygon limit along with Color Map, Roughness Map, Metallic Map and Normal Map.
  • Make all models AR/VR ready
  • Get ongoing support for training and maintenance


  • Images and scans provided as input were incomplete and high-poly
  • Minimal information about the dimensions and textures of product category was provided, so assumptions had to be made after extensive research
  • Short time-frame to produce deliverables

Our Solutions & Approach

Created low poly and AR ready 3D models for 18000+ products with PBR USA based ecommerce wholesaler.

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The team of 3D artists at Hitech CADD Services used 3DS Max and Vray to create 20,000+ low poly 3D models of the various commercial restaurant supplies and equipment. They also:

  • Used PBR texturing in FBX (Filmbox) with color and texture as per polygon limit, along with creating Color Map, Roughness Map, Metallic Map and Normal Map.
  • All the models were made AR/VR ready


  • A team of 20+ 3D artists at Hitech CADD analyzed the inputs received from the client in the form of images and point cloud 3D scans for readability and in case of any distortions.
  • Then they created a model in low poly meshes as per the required polygon limit, making assumptions as per research, for products that did not have dimensions and textures.
  • There was ongoing interaction client via RFI’s as and when required, to gain clarity and feedback.
  • The team then conducted a cross evaluation of the scanned point cloud model with the web link to validate the scanned data. Once the validation was confirmed, the scanned model was used as reference data to create new models for 20,000+ products.
  • Once these 3D models were created, they were rendered and textured by applying the necessary texture maps such as Color Map, Roughness Map, Metallic Map and Normal Map in FBX format.
  • These models were also made AR/VR ready as per client requirements
  • With required file size of the 3D Models, the client could easily upload the models on their website.

Business Impact

Project Samples

3D Scan of Ice Tray
3D Scan of Ice Tray
3D Scan of Electric Cooker
3D Scan of Electric Cooker
3D Image of Pan
3D Image of Pan
3D Scan of Kettle
3D Scan of Kettle
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