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Benefits of Revit Family Creation in 3D BIM for Furniture Manufacturers

Benefits of Revit Family Creation in 3D BIM for Furniture Manufacturers
Revit Family Creation is a powerful marketing tool for furniture manufacturers to enhance client connect by displaying their products in a 3D view. Companies are harnessing its 3D visualization and detailed display capabilities to market custom products in a more effective manner.

To remain relevant and competitive in a volatile business world, furniture manufacturers must innovate, differentiate and be exclusive. Successful marketing strategies are demanding more collaboration and better technology. It can be seen that if platforms allow access to all stakeholders including architects, designers and developers, they are likely to support strongly the marketing strategy in an efficient and effective manner.

Selecting the right technology and tools has never been so complicated, as many vendors claim to have the perfect solution available. Revit® family creation capabilities allow customers to explore products online, in the comfort of their homes, without visiting physical stores. All this while getting direct access to enriched information and customization capabilities. Revit family creation software provides 3-dimensional interactive product visualization for furniture manufacturers, which they can provide to clients, architects or designers.

Using Revit families is the solution

The furniture industry has gradually made the move from AutoCAD® to Autodesk Revit for the number of benefits the latter offers. The new “Buzz” is about Revit families that are product categories with a common set of properties and related graphical representations. Revit families create standard custom elements of a building model representing similar types of product families based on the products usage and behavior.

Why 2D drawings are dated for furniture manufacturing?

A furniture manufacturer often faces challenges with 2D drawings. These include:

Benefits of Revit family creation

Revit family creation services are extremely beneficial to furniture manufacturers for various reasons. Some of them are:

1. Increase in win rates and revenue growth

If you are a furniture manufacturer, you can use Revit Family Creation to instantaneously resolve any uncertainties about the products and align customer expectations and needs with the reality of the products by instilling a sense of ownership even before viewing the actual, physical product. This leads to higher conversion rates, as viewing 3D product visuals on a website from different angles, gives potential customers a life like representation of the product. Individual and specific preferences or requirements can be reflected in hyper reality.

Putting these tools in the customer’s hands is a proven and powerful sales driver that ensures increase in revenues.

2. Revit provides a competitive edge to manufacturers

Your organization nowadays wants to adhere to the “new” standards of BIM by digitizing all products on your website for being able to incorporate your portfolio aesthetically and technically. By using Revit to participate in a BIM collaborative network, your chances to be considered in requests for proposals (RFP) by leading A&D (Architectural & Design) companies increases.

Revit (BIM) implementation results in a competitive advantage for furniture manufacturers by maximizing product reach and customer engagement.

3. A three dimensional view of products for websites

Revit family creation capabilities have gained huge popularity among many furniture manufactures due to their ability to provide a three-dimensional view of products on websites to architects, designers, as well as clients. Your organization usually provides a free downloadable version of software on your website, which allows designers and architects to download it and incorporate the 3D products into their current or future projects.

Architects and designers can try several choices and choose the best option that fits within client budget and requirements. They can even customize and preview their choice of material.

How a leading furniture manufacturer displayed 550+ Revit families on their website as per BIM standards.

Revit Family vs Real Product-image

A leading furniture manufacturer in Canada wanted to display their products on the website. The detailed product range needed actual dimensions, variations and sub variations of material, size, color, shape etc. adhering to new BIM standards.

Partnering with Hitech CADD Services, the furniture company was able to achieve their target. Hitech created over 550 + Revit families in minimized size, which allowed for accurate geometry of all furniture products in a standardized format. The .rfa output maintained product integrity as per Autodesk Seek Standard. The project also resulted in creation of a product library.

Read Case Study  →

4. Detailed display of product design & dimensions

Revit family creation has the ability to provide high quality detailed 3D models to display all design elements and product parameters to Architects and Designers from different angles that can be zoomed in so that detailed aspects of the product like the quality, texture, material etc. can be easily viewed. For example, designers and architects can choose various products in 3D form using Revit family creation services, try various options to get the exact fit in the layout, what dimensions are perfect for the space and make sure their plans and calculations are flawless.

The ease of selecting a number of options along with the detailed aspects from different angles in a three-dimensional view makes it an extremely beneficial tool for architects and designers.

5. Increased accuracy in BOM and BOQ

Increased accuracy in BOM and BOQ

The Dimension tool of Revit automatically assigns dimensions to the elements of products, calculating the weight and volume of all items and materials based on the technical data provided by the 3D model. Furniture manufacturers can accurately calculate the amount of material they need for manufacturing each item, with approximate prices, which increases the accuracy while calculating Bill of Material (BOM) as well as Bill of Quantity (BOQ).

Accurate BOM and BOQ lead to minimal waste of resources and budget spending during the production process.

6. Easier modifications with Revit family editor

Revit Family creation allows easy modification with relevant tools in Family Editor, which can be parametric or non-parametric. This gives the designers, architects the flexibility to design as products can be modified as per the specific client requirements, budget or as per the layout of the room. With the use of Revit families, stakeholders spend less time on modifications, and more time can be given to other important projects.

Savings in valuable time and effort can be gained by reusing the components of the Revit family for various other projects.

7. Better collaboration with architects and designers

Furniture manufacturers often cater to requests for custom products as per the designers and Architects’ requirements. Revit family creation services enable manufacturers to create customized and exclusive objects in 3D, which the architects and designers can use for their specific projects. After the final selection of the product, the manufacturer makes the real version as per the required specifications.

Architects and Designers get the opportunity to explore all available choices or options for a product, as well as the furniture manufacturers who can avoid wasting time and resources for production until the item design is approved.

8. Ability to create libraries

Revit Family creation allows furniture manufacturers to create a standard library of their products. These include variations and sub variations like shape, size, color, material etc. whether it is a chair, table or couch.

All the relevant information like the exact specifications, details and dimensions are stored in the library and can be used for years to come.

What’s next? The future is yours.

Furniture manufacturers may team up rendering tools and Augmented Reality (AR) to increase their sales and achieve growth. Providing an interactive experience for customers where they can view the furniture at the comfort of their home or office will become the future. All parameters with exact specifications including shape, size, and color inside an area or building will be available and customizable before buying the actual product.


From creating libraries to getting a competitive edge, Revit Family creation helps in boosting sales by allowing for much more collaboration with Architects as well as Designers. Revit Family creation enables furniture manufactures to create and deliver customized 3D models of products. An effective tool that leads to increase in orders and sales, Revit family creations is the need of the day for manufacturers.

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Authored by:
Harika Singh

is an academician and published writer. Her passion for engineering and technology reflects in the in-depth coverage she provides on technology trends. 20 years of work association with institutes of repute across India and the US positions her to provide valuable insights to business stakeholders on achieving scalability and operational efficiencies through digitalization.

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