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CPQ Solutions

CPQ Solutions
Whether you are using SolidWorks, Inventor or Creo, we help you customize your complex products through CAD automation tools suitable to your manufacturing company and offer a need-based guided selling to your customers.

Our design automation team offers partnerships to contractors, fabricators, manufacturers and design firms for bespoke products to automate the configuring, pricing and quotation of custom industrial products. We enable the linking of remotely located sales team and customers with the manufacturing facilities by conjunction of ERP and CRM systems of the organization right from the very first sales inquiry.

With dynamic 3D visualization support of CAD tools and our expertise in developing versatile master 3D models to configure on later stages; our design automation experts empower manufacturing organizations to develop 100% accurate sales quotes.

What ways we help you for CPQ solutions?

Our 25+ years of experience in offshoring industry gives us an edge to align our workforce according to your company’s goals and help your custom product succeed in market by delivering the selling experience exactly as your clients want. We offer enlisted service:

  • Create complex models in CAD for knowledge capturing
  • Develop constraint-based product configurator
  • Configured error-free and reliable BOMs
  • Automatic error-resolution for sales quotes
  • Generate proposals, engineering documents, and part lists
  • Manage product variation as per commercial needs
  • Manage product variation as per commercial needs
  • Update master models in CAD according to need
  • Leveraging APIs for integration with PLM, CRM, ERP
  • Accelerate quotation & delivery schedules
  • Offer maintenance of CAD configurator with market agility  

With our clients from the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Australia and the APEC region, we virtually have global foot prints and can work with fabricators and retailers of any capacity.

Our industry verticals of specialization include:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Fluid conveying equipment
  • Building products (Façade and HVAC)
  • Furniture products
  • Commercial products (Kiosks, Canopies)
  • Oil and Gas equipment

We simplify CPQ solutions; Speak to our design automation experts for more information and solutions.

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