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Plumbing LOD 300 Modeling for Healthcare Construction, Australia

MEP Modeling Case Studies
Plumbing LOD 300 Modeling for Healthcare Construction, Australia

Project Overview

Client Profile
Design Drafting Company
Sydney, Australia
Hospital Construction
2D Plumbing Drawings
3D Coordinated BIM model
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  • Clash detection and resolution to develop coordinate BIM model, with only 2D drawings available as input.
  • Carrying out modeling and coordination without affecting the flow and design parameters.
  • Coordinating architecture and structure, and executing proper clearance from electrical services and making services clash free for appropriate construction.

Business Needs

The design drafting company based out of Sydney, Australia approached Hitech to develop an LOD 300 model of the plumbing layout and hydronic equipment across a commercial healthcare building construction.

Our Solutions and Approach

Delivered a coordinated 3D BIM model at LOD 300 using Revit.

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LOD 300 Modeling Revit
LOD 300 Modeling Revit
MEP 3D Modeling using Revit
MEP 3D Modeling using Revit

Our Revit engineers undertook the project which lasted for about two months. The approach included:

  • Examining of Inputs received in the form of 2D drafts and designs to create 3D BIM model.
  • Analyzing Designs for clashes between MEP layout as well architectural and structural disciplines.
  • Detecting and resolving clashes with a standard clash report to create a coordinated LOD 300 model.

Business Impact

A final model with QC at multiple levels was shared with the client to avail an all in one solution for 2D, 3D and Detail, Plumbing fixture detail and insulation detail. With the help of the 3D coordinated model, the client could avail detailed drainage systems for underground as well as upper floor drainage systems and take informed decisions.

Project Samples

Detailed MEP 3D Model
Detailed MEP 3D Model
Revit MEP 3D Modeling
Revit MEP 3D Modeling
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