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PDF to CAD Conversion of Commercial Building, Ohio, USA

Architectural Visualization Case Studies2 min read
PDF to CAD Conversion of Commercial Building, Ohio, USA

Project Overview

Client Profile
Architectural Design Company
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Building Type
Multistory Commercial Building
2D PDF files of floor plans of two floor plans & framework
2D CAD drawing for 400 floors in AutoCAD
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  • Inherent complexity of building designs of commercial and multistory characteristics.
  • Interpreting correctness of the available drawings and eliminate design interference.
  • Meeting stringent timelines of the project when drawings lacked precise floor area calculation.

Our Solutions & Approach

Converted PDF drawings into CAD files for the entire 4 storey building.

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Our team of 6 AutoCAD drafters and engineers undertook the project for converting PDF drawings into CAD files for the entire 4 storey building and enable the design firm to meet deadlines. Initially the project started with an aim to convert PDF to CAD files of initial floors which finally resulted into CAD drawings for all 400 floors.

  • PDF files were imported to AutoCAD and evaluated for calculating area of the floors.
  • PDF files were cleaned and develop a complete CAD model and demarcate the cash counter, trial room, and passage areas.
  • Following the accurate work guidelines, our CAD drafters developed accurate detail drawings.
  • CAD drawings for 400 floor plans following appropriate QCs were shared with the client.

The client could achieve digitized design floor plans and improve communication with other teams which helped meeting the stipulated timelines. Our relationship with the client was further strengthened owing to the quality delivered which was reflected as the client agreed to extend the project to development of BIM model using Revit.

Project Samples

Floor Plan CAD Conversion
Floor Plan CAD Conversion
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