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Driveworks Fire Truck Equipment Configurator for Sheet Metal Fabricator, USA

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Project Overview

Client Profile
Sheet metal fabricator for fire equipment
Fire Equipment Manufacturing
Old files for DriveWorks project, equalizer product, Custom CAB models in EASM format, and technical drawings
DriveWorks configurator with supporting documents, SolidWorks models, and Drive3D models
DriveWorks Logo SolideWorks Logo

Business Needs

  • Improvise functionalities of existing DriveWorks configurator and streamline logical rules and output models
  • Enhance overall UI in terms of interactivity, responsiveness and 3D preview of products


The major challenge was to create complex 3D models as all design and product inputs were in ESAM format. As a result, the model’s interactivity was low and it was extremely time consuming for the team to develop master 3D models within stipulated timelines.

Our Solutions & Approach

Unleash the power an interactive sales interface with online customers

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The team analyzed the existing DriveWorks workflow and UI for necessary upgrades and add functionalities.

  • As the first step, design automation engineers simplified modeling and incorporated relevant features of the real product
  • These models were sent to client for primary approvals and to get feedback and design amendments
  • Simultaneously, the team also worked to enhance the UI of configurator that was already developed to ensure that the project lifecycle was optimized by
    • Rewriting logical rules for design customization
    • Redefining constraints and variables to ensure model versatility
    • Adding interactivity to the 3D preview
  • A final configurator with enhanced UI was developed and embedded with client’s sales site
  • This newly developed configurator would also send an automated email to the customer with order confirmation and sales quotes
Configure Truck Equipment DriveWorks
Configure Truck Equipment DriveWorks
DriveWorks Configurator Truck Equipment
DriveWorks Configurator Truck Equipment

Business Impact

Project Samples

Fire Truck Equipment Configurator
Fire Truck Equipment Configurator
Pump Option Configuration
Pump Option Configuration
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