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BIM Case Study

MEP BIM Clash Detection Solutions for an International Airport in Middle East

The Client
Infrastructure Construction, Middle East

Client Profile

The Client is one of the largest contracting companies in the Middle East.

3D BIM Models through REVIT for ‌Iternational Airport
3D BIM Models through REVIT for ‌Iternational Airport
3D BIM Models through REVIT for ‌Iternational Airport
3D BIM Models through REVIT for ‌Iternational Airport

The Challenge

The Client contacted us well after the construction of the new international airport had begun, and a major chunk of it was completed as per the schedule. The MEPF fit-outs on site were problematic and causing the client a lot of rework. The project team received a set of IFC drawings, and architecture and structure models at LOD 300 from the client and created MEP models at LOD300. The team detected a lot of clashes that were likely to cause more rework and wastage of construction material and time on-site.

The Solution

The project team used Revit to create MEP models for the new terminal and all the associated buildings in the 350,000 mt2 premises. All the inter-disciplinary clashes were detected and resolved, enabling quick and accurate fit-outs for all the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire-fighting systems for the new terminal building, and other associated buildings.

Business Benefits

The Client was able to complete the MEP fit-outs at the construction site without incurring the additional costs due to rework, and wastage of materials. The construction schedule could be salvaged and the losses due to the delayed handover could be checked too.

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