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Architectural Case Study

3D Modeling & Rendering of a Property Retaining Wall in California

The Client
Real Estate, LA, California, USA

The client is an environmental consultancy from California. They undertake projects that include site assessment, advising on clean ups, restoration of contaminated sites, and other environmental consulting projects.

This consultancy was helping their client develop a property near the L.A. River. The river waters flood in the area surrounding the property during monsoon, and to avoid that, a retaining wall was thought of as a solution.

3Ds Max

Project Images

The Challenge

With just a sketch of the proposed wall, the team was expected to create a detailed and defined 3D Model of the retaining wall, including the landscaping done at different levels of the terraces. A swimming pool at the top level and a garage at the bottom level were added to the wall plan at a later stage of the project.

The Solution

In about a month’s time, the team worked on a final 3D render of the retaining wall, using their own skill with visualization in 3DS Max and guidance from the consultancy. With experienced architects leading the team, the final render included the suggested development for the residential part of the property too.

Business Benefits

The virtual rendering of the retaining wall concept enabled the client to envision the concept’s integrity.

The end client too could visualize the development of their property from all angles and plan ahead for any changes they wanted, at an early stage of the project.

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