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4D BIM Modeling of a Multistorey Mixed-use Building, UK

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4D BIM Modeling of a Multistorey Mixed-use Building, UK

Project Overview

Client Profile
Architectural Firm
Manchester, UK
Mixed-use Building Construction
2D Drawings
4D BIM coordinated model with construction sequencing and project intro video
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Business Needs

  • The architectural firm needed to enhance design intent commutation with their clients and save costs on rework of designs.
  • Also, to devise a systematic flow of design development and construction, the frim needed to strategize an appropriate workflow and sequential video.  


  • Input drawings contained technical instructions in foreign knowledge (language other than English).
  • Building was inter-woven at five different levels and modeling exact elements was challenging.
  • MEP drawings lacked dimensions for pipe and systems.

Our Solutions & Approach

Federated BIM model and 4D BIM model for construction scheduling using Revit and Navisworks.

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The UK based architectural firm approached Hitech CADD Services to develop a federated BIM model for a multistorey mixed use building and create a 4D BIM model for construction scheduling using Revit and Navisworks respectively. Our BIM teams undertook the project and deliverables along with a project introduction video having rendered model, using 3Ds Max, was shared with the client.

  • Input 2D files were studied carefully and a close collaboration was established with the client to understand the technical details mentioned in foreign language.
  • Interdisciplinary clashes were detected and eliminated to develop a coordinated model and use it for establishing a construction sequencing video.
  • Using Navisworks a 4D BIM model and time liner video was developed by the project team to carry out hassle-free construction stage.

Business Impact

The entire project of creating 4D BIM simulation was finished in a timeframe of 2 months and delivered to the client. Using that, the architectural firms significantly improved design intent communication with their customers, saved costs and reduced reworks by huge amount with sequential video.

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