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3D Rendering & Modeling of Property Retaining Wall, California, USA

Project Information
Client Profile
Environmental Consultancy Firm
Los Angeles, California, USA
Residential Construction
Handmade concept sketch and landscaping plan presentation to explain the purpose
JPEGs of detailed 3D rendered model of the retaining wall
3Ds Max
Architectural 3D Visualization
Client Challenges
  • Preparing architectural portfolio of the residential property, as there was no specific geometry available. Only a hand sketch and plan presentation was provided as input.
  • Preparing different levels of terraces for rendering of wall and landscaping.
  • Last minute additions of swimming pool at the top level and garage at the bottom level of the structure.

Business Needs

The client needed Hitech to develop a comprehensive Architectural 3D rendered model with detailed information, for a retaining wall of a residential property in Los Angeles, USA.

Our Solutions and Approach

The project team of architects and 3D artists used their expertise in 3D visualization and began 3D rendering and modeling using the hand sketches of the wall provided by the client. The approach included:

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max was used to visualize the entire landscape and rendering of the project.
  • 3D exterior renderings of wall, swimming pool and garage were developed with accurate geometry and dimensions.
  • Architectural 3D modeling also included trees, shrubs and other exterior objects for landscaping and realistic rendering.

With ongoing back and forth communication with the client company, the project team developed a final 3D visualization portfolio, which was finalized by the client.

Business Impact

Hitech provided the client 2K size pictures in JPEG format that could be viewed and printed easily through various devices. The visualization from 2D to 3D helped the client to get an actual feel of what the structure would look like way before construction. Photo Montage provided to the client helped in visualizing what the structure would look like in the neighborhood surrounding instead of viewing it in isolation.

The client was extremely impressed by the extensive efforts put in by the project team for the residential project. The flexibility of making last minute changes without hassle was highly appreciated.

3D Aerial View Rendering 3D Modeling Top View
3D Model Rendering
3D Rendering and Modeling
Detailed 3D Model Rendering
Retailing Wall 3D Rendering Model
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