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Revit Automation for a Building Product Manufacturer, Netherlands

BIM Modeling Case Studies
Revit Automation for a Building Product Manufacturer, Netherlands

Project Overview

Client Profile
Leading building product manufacturer dealing in customized façade supports
Commercial Construction
PDF, Revit and IFC files
100+ 3D Revit models/Revit Families, Automated Quote order system
AutoCAD Revit Logo Visual Studio (C Sharp / C #)

Business Needs

The client had a partially automated quote order system which was time consuming and supported only 2D drawings. They approached Hitech CADD Services to build an automated BIM solution that would optimize the current quote order management system, meet customer expectations, and reduce the need to utilize internal resources.


  • Inconsistent nature of Revit and IFC files
  • 3D models generated on other software platforms
  • Lack of detailed drawings and parametric details

Our Solutions and Approach

Created photo-realistic Revit models for hundreds of customized façade supports and quote order system for a building product manufacturer in Netherlands.

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The team at Hitech CADD Services delivered a smart BIM solution to help the client enhance design processes and streamline customer services.

  • Create models and Revit families for hundreds of façade products
  • Provide a BIM compliant output for the client based on BIM-model data like input Revit and IFC files provided by external customers
  • Automate the quote order process to improve sales opportunities and customer service by creating Revit APIs.
Automation Tool for setting Parameters
Automation Tool for setting Parameters
  • The team of BIM experts at Hitech CADD Services understood the current process (as-is) used by the client and studied the inputs received
  • They needed to create Revit Families for hundreds of facade products and parts. For this they first created an API that extracted data on the opening sizes as well as the location from the Revit/IFC file received by the client.
  • For further calculations, the data was then exported to the already existing design excel. After deriving the design specifications for products, the Revit API was used. This API not only created Revit families for the façade products, but also assembled them and placed them in the required location.
  • The APIs enabled the client to gain easy quality checks, and share the updated Revit file to their end customers.
  • To automate the manual quote generation process, a new API was created to feed data from the updated design excel file and generate a new quote with detailed specifications.
  • A total of 13 APIs created by the BIM experts at Hitech CADD Services enabled the client to manage and keep track of the changes in the designs as well as corresponding costs.
  • The client was able to save time by accelerating the model generation process, gain quick quotes and place families in end clients’ models.
Dynamo Process for Revit to Excel & Excel to Revit Connection
Dynamo Process for Revit to Excel & Excel to Revit Connection

Business Impact

  • 100+ Revit families placed in end client’s BIM models
  • 30% modelling time saved by deploying Revit automation
  • 100% accuracy of BIM models
  • Comprehensive training support and maintenance of every application and solution
  • Pilot online demonstrations of the application supported by a detailed user-guide

Project Samples

Automation Tool for Area Plan Creation
Auto Sheet Creation
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