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Hotels & Resorts Development

We collaborate with hotel owners, resorts builders and contractors to enhance building design and development process to efficiently meet luxury, guest comfort and maintenance challenges.

To meet design requirements of matching the ethos of your hotel aspirations, we streamline our architectural, structural and BIM expertise to support your responsive designs. With our proven expertise in sustainable building design and facility management through BIM implementation, we help you to remain informed about the hotel and resort development process right from conceptualization to actual and post construction phases.

We have an extensive experience in providing BIM solutions such as construction planning, scheduling, HVAC duct design, facility management and fast track construction process by managing workflows for hotels and resorts development projects.

At Hi-Tech, we primarily deliver CAD drafting and BIM solutions for hotel building projects & resort development and improve collaboration between architects, structural engineers and construction professionals. From LOD 100 to LOD 500, we develop BIM models that provide information to every stakeholder about the project development process and extract quantities at any stage to take decisions faster.

Hi-Tech delivered BIM LOD 300 model for one of the Hotel projects in California, which led to efficient execution and on time project completion. Our expertise and experience also lies in handling projects requiring point cloud to BIM, to restore and renovate existing building designs. For furniture and sheet metal building products manufacturers contributing to the hotel industry, we develop REVIT families for architectural BIM models to increase business opportunities.

Meeting the maintenance and efficiency challenges in hotels while maintaining guest comfort is critical and Hi-Tech helps achieve these goals through energy modeling, MEP BIM coordination and CFD simulations. Hi-Tech brought down the energy consumption in one of the hospital building projects in Dubai by about 15%, making the building energy efficient and sustainable.

Our engineering services including CAD, FEA and CFD further aids manufacturers associated with building/construction industry, such as HVAC equipment manufacturers, doors and window manufacturers and sheet metal architectural and structural product manufacturers in designing efficient products on time.

The Hi-Tech Advantage

  • Access to a pool of BIM experts for architectural, structural and construction design requirements
  • Dedicated team of CAD professionals and mechanical engineers for HVAC and MEP
  • Scalable and industry leading hardware & software infrastructure
  • Flexible business delivery models to meet client specific requirements

Our integrated team of qualified engineers with broad experience and good exposure to various projects help in delivering creative and quality engineering services

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