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Heat Exchanger Design

Heat Exchanger Design
We deliver heat exchanger services that help the design engineer to eliminate rating and sizing challenges and take their design drafts to manufacturing shop floor with efficiency.

From preparing initial 2D drafts and 3D designs to engineering analysis for optimum heat transfer and cooling calculations and pressure drop as well as thermal analysis, we are the expert company delivering end to end support for heat exchanger design services outsourced to us. Our industrial design engineers create comprehensive 2D drawings for manufacturing heat exchanger with specific rating and sizing along with detailed BOMs list and connecting diagrams for efficient installation and assembly.

Our industrial equipment design teams develop detailed designs and manufacturing as well as fabrication drawings to aid uninterrupted manufacturing of heat exchanger of various types including shell and tube type, plate heat exchanger, plate and shell, waste heat recovery etc. We have drafters competent in utilizing sketching and modeling tools in AutoCAD, SolidWorks and ANSYS Fluent to deliver best practices of heat exchanger design as specified in manufacturing standards such as ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 for “U” stamp certification and NBIC for “R” stamp certification.

Heat Exchanger

From heavy duty commercial applications to commercial equipment, and from marine to industrial applications, we specialize in delivering heat exchanger body and parts made of stainless steel, copper and any alloy material as specified by the client. Our drafters create complete part modeling to assembly models inclosing frames, plates, piping diagram, radiators, evaporators etc. used in process industry, marine engineering, power plants running on natural gas or any other fuel, cold storage and many more.

Our expertise in Heat Exchanger Designs:

  • Design and Rating with detailed engineering 2D drawings
  • Validation of Designs for thermal heat exchange efficiency checks
  • Vibration and structural analysis of heat exchangers at operational conditions
  • 3D CAD modeling and assembly animation for visualization
  • CFD study for heat flow and transfer by conduction, convection and radiation

Contact us today to get more information about our heat exchanger design services.

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