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Industrial Mixer & Separator Design

Hi-Tech helps equipment manufacturers to efficiently design and manufacture high-performance industrial mixers and separators for diverse processing applications.

Metal Fabricated Separator

Our industrial mixing equipment designers convert your conceptual and preliminary design information to detailed 2D CAD manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings and 3D CAD models to better communicate design intent across the product development cycle.

From blenders and mixers to liquid, gas and solid separators, we also perform engineering analysis to predict the mixing and separating process through CFD simulations. We thus allow your design teams to make informed decisions right from the concept development phase and ensure the manufacturing of quality mixing and separating devices product for your customers.

Our engineers assist you in effective industrial mixer design of blade design, static & horizontal mixer design, liquid, agitator, industrial, shaft design, paddle, single & double balanced, tank design, fluid, ribbon, gilbert cell, concrete, propeller, jet, harmonic, gas, planetary, cement mixer design. We also assist manufacturers with all parts of industrial mixing equipment including parts of gearboxes, shafts, couplers, chucks, clamps, brackets, seals, pulleys, belts, air hoses, filters, pump parts, etc.

We deliver separator design for all types of industrial separators, screening or sorting equipment such as front & rear sorter, screw type separators, roller separator, gravity oil water, cyclonic, 2 phase, 3 phase, oil and gas, oil air, air water, water oil, vapor liquid, crude oil, horizontal, vertical, oil separator tank design, natural gas, wall, steam, swirl, hydraulic, vane, magnetic, centrifugal, spiral, filter, vacuum separator design.

Key design support services for mixers & separators:

  • 2D manufacturing drawings, fabrication drawings and assembly drawings for mixers & separators
  • 3D CAD modeling and animation to understand mixing and separating mechanisms
  • CFD analysis for vortex, pressure drop, particle tracking and flow separation simulation

Industrial Mixer & Separator Design Case Studies

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