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Industrial Boilers, Furnaces & Burners

We have been the trusted industrial design support partner for industrial heating equipment manufacturers to leverage the design and development of boilers, furnaces and oil fired burners.

At Hi-Tech, we work closely with your in-house teams to help them efficiently conceptualize, design, manufacture and install boilers, furnaces and burners for power and processing plants. Our engineers develop accurate 2D CAD drawings as well as BIM ready 3D CAD models to expedite the design, fabrication and installation processes.

We align our 3D models and 2D fabrication drawings developed in SolidWorks with the fabricators’ tooling capacity and spatial arrangement on shop floor for minimizing engineering change orders and there by enable them to finish the projects in stipulated timelines. We strive to establish long-term relationships with boiler equipment fabricators by delivering full-proof designs adhering to ASME BPVC standards, codes and guidelines.

Our engineering product design and analysis facility equipped with 100+ CAD drafters and mechanical design engineers, generates 3D CAD models with design conformation, tested through FEA and CFD simulations. We help to develop insights regarding air-flow and gases inside the boilers for studying the behavior under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.

As each plant, industry and place will have unique and individual boiler application, our turnkey solutions for CAD customization helps fabricators generate quick fabrication drawings and installation drawings automatically generated.

Key design support services for industrial boilers, furnaces & burners:

  • 2D layout and general arrangement drawings for different boiler configurations
  • 2D detailed manufacturing drawings, fabrication drawings for shop floor requirements and extracting BOQs
  • 2D Installation drawings for efficient and quick on-site installation and assembly
  • 3D CAD modeling as per ASME BPVC standards for safety operations using SolidWorks
  • 3D modeling for BIM workflows and REVIT family creation for heating equipment
  • FEA for appropriate material selection and optimized and safe designs using ANSYS Mechanical
  • CFD based combustion analysis, species transport, pressure drop and heat transfer investigation ANSYS Fluent
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