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Industrial Blowers & Dryers

At Hi-Tech, we provide design support to help you manufacture efficient, cost-effective and performance oriented blowers, fans and drying systems for industrial application requirements.

Our engineering design team helps your in-house design and manufacturing professionals to efficiently design and manufacture industrial blowers, fans and dryers, by providing accurate digital design information. Providing your teams with required design information at the right time, we enhance communication and bring down engineering and manufacturing lead time.

We deliver industrial blower design services for all types of fan blade design, impeller design, housing design and blower system design for centrifugal air blower fan, industrial blower, radial blower, vacuum, suction & high pressure blower design.

We have gained broad understanding on the design, manufacturing and applications of centrifugal and axial blowers & fans, rotary dryers, spray dryers, pneumatic and band dryers, allowing us to serve you better.

Our design support services for industrial blowers & dryers:

  • 2D detailed drawings for manufacturing, fabrication and assembly requirements as per ASME, OSHA, NFPA etc. standards
  • 3D CAD modeling, and animation of blowers, fans and dryers for assembly with text overlays
  • Finite Element based structural analysis for stress, deformation and fatigue life estimation in ANSYS
  • CFD analysis for pressure drop, fluid-structure interaction and flow visualization
  • Rapid Prototyping solutions for testing of components
  • Reverse engineering for legacy data conversion
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