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Tunnel Design

Hi-Tech enables infrastructure developers across the globe to conceptualize, design and construct tunnels efficiently, by unifying civil, geotechnical, structural and drainage design data through BIM workflow.

We convert geotechnical information from point clouds and develop tunnel designs through parametric CAD modeling. Our BIM specialists further integrate design information on digital terrain, survey, laser point cloud data surroundings and drainage systems with 3D models to quickly and efficiently develop tunnel designs, meet industry standards and ensure overall integrity across the life of the asset.

Our BIM implementation technology provides parametric 3D modeling combined with complete structural analysis tools for optimizing the tunnel design.

With 3D representation of tunnel models, we deliver input and modify horizontal geometry, vertical geometry, and incorporate it with your template to enable stakeholders to communicate design intent better and reduce chances of on-site errors and rework. We also model and analyze tunnel structure including concrete linings, using plates and solid entities using our simulation capabilities to evaluate the design and perform necessary optimization prior to actual construction.

Being a trusted BIM partner for infrastructure developers across the globe, we have developed broad understanding on ground conditions, geotechnical investigations and underground structures, providing us the opportunity to remain as an extension to organizations existing capabilities.

Our services for tunnel design engineering:

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