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Port Design

Enabling infrastructure developers and EPC firms to support the underlying growth of trade with efficient port terminals and jetties for maritime requirements with our expertise in BIM for Infrastructure.

We leverage the expertise of our BIM experts and structural engineers to design robust ports and terminal buildings by developing detailed 2D CAD drawings, information rich 3D models and construction documentation from geotechnical, laser scanning, LiDAR and GPR data.

We help EPC firms and general contractors streamline their construction activities by converting conceptual sketches to data-rich BIM 3D models using Autodesk’s Revit. We expedite the entire design cycle time for port development projects by improved multi-disciplinary collaboration and digitally generated construction documents for work orders.

Prior to the shipment of BIM models for port designs and terminal buildings, our QA/QC teams evaluate it for structural analysis through FEA and CFD capabilities. We use ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Fluent to validate it against the hydrodynamic interaction, sea keeping, ship motion and mooring systems. Additionally we also deliver steel detailing and rebar detailing for structural elements to ensure the strength of the built-up.

We also deliver 2D installation drawings of firefighting systems to avoid any quantified and probable risks in oil and gas ports and other fire prone cargos. We deliver efficient 2D fabrication and installation drawings of firefighting equipment for strategic placement and easy access. For this, we also deliver 3D CAD models of components used for port sheet metal components and other mechanical components such as pumps, compressors and others of the kind using SolidWorks.

We specialize across enlisted areas:

  • Port gate designs
  • Multipurpose terminals
  • Study of wave penetration and affect for constructing resilient structures
  • Development of waterfront
  • Robust Cargo shipment and storage facilities

Our services for port design:

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