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Residential Building Design

We partner with property and real estate developers to help them efficiently plan, design and engineer residential buildings through BIM implementation and create better living environments for communities.

With increasing population, it is equally important to develop residential buildings that are sustainable and adapts to future needs. We help builders and construction firms of residential apartments, duplexes, co-ops and townhouses to achieve these goals through our expertise in Revit BIM services, CAD and CAE.

We have a team of Revit BIM specialists that convert rough sketches and drawings to intelligent information rich models with LOD100 to LOD500, to extract information at different project development stages, enabling clients to estimate quantities, establish efficient construction schedules and deliver projects faster.

Our engineering team also supports design and manufacturing of furniture products, HVAC equipment and building products such as fa├žades, doors, windows, roofing and other sheet metal components. We develop 2D fabrication drawings, digital 3D models and animation to improve design communication for manufacturing firms.

Our services for residential building design:

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