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Hotels & Resorts Development

We collaborate with hotel owners, resorts builders, architects, and contractors to enhance design intent clarification for innovative design and simultaneously meet luxury, guest comfort and maintenance challenges.

Our team of certified CAD professionals, BIM experts and qualified professionals works towards the aim of seamless design collaboration of decorative hotel architecture with structural needs for the resilience of the construction. We assist EPC firms and general contractors to deliver sustainable building design right from conceptual sketches to construction for all types of high-rise hotels, grandiose resorts and condo hotels.

We assist surveyors and contractors through BIM implementation from conceptual designs to construction, especially construction scheduling and materials supply chain for remote construction sites of hotels and resorts. We help analyzing HVAC performance along with strategic MEP coordination drawings with an aim to reduced operational energy costs.

Our CAD and BIM services for hotels, resorts and condos encompass:

  • 2D floor plan and 3D modeling to help clearly convey design intent Revit and AutoCAD
  • 3D visualization and animation services for walkthrough and interactive presentation from 3D models and photographs
  • Photorealistic rendering of as-built models with interior detailing, texturing, lighting and shadow analysis using V-Ray, Photoshop and 3ds Max
  • BIM models with high level of detailing from LOD 100 to LOD 500 for taking quick informed decision
  • Revit Families creation for HVAC components, MEP components, Structural component, architectural products, and furniture

Our primarily solutions for hotels & resorts include:

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