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FEA Case Study

Structural Dynamics of Storage Frames

The Client
Glass Manufacturer, Europe

The Objective

To study the effects of different loading conditions on racks, and also investigate the structure’s response in the event of earthquakes, in order to avoid the rack failure.

The Solution

Two rack designs were successfully evaluated under different loading conditions and an optimized rack design was suggested, having minimum deformation. Also, a seismic analysis was performed to measure the deformation under the dynamic load application.

ANSYS Professional NLS 14.5


Engineering Solution

In order to ensure the rack’s strength against deformation, different stacking arrangements were tested, while also modifying the angle of one of the rack’s leg. The loading conditions were accurately applied on the geometrical model and the subsequent deformation was calculated through finite element analysis. With different loading configurations and leg angle, an optimized design with a suitable stacking arrangement was proposed, which resulted in minimum deformation.

To further test the rack design for dynamic loads, a seismic analysis was performed to record the structure’s response against a spectrum representing an earthquake having a Richter scale of 7.1.


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