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Structural Case Study

Shop Drawings, Assembly Drawings & Part Drawings for a Pedestrian Bridge in Australia

The Client
Industrial Construction, New South Wales, Australia

Client Profile

The Client is a steel fabricator, working for the construction & mining industry in Australia, since 1974.

The Solution

Arrangement drawings, assembly drawings and structural drawings were prepared from the given inputs and were handed over to the client for fabrication.


Project Images

The Challenge

The Client was building a pedestrian bridge on the Western Highway, considered the busiest highway of New South Wales. The project team was given the architectural drawings, and structural drawings, which had many details missing, such as levels and locations of steel members, top of steel levels, and connection details. Additionally, the architect and the structural engineer changed a few details in the structure while modeling was in process.

The Solution

The project team created the structural steel model in Tekla, using their own experience to guide them in generating the steel beam-column connections, and getting approvals on those by the structural engineer. The project team also created the beam-column connections and specified the exact levels.

Business Benefits

The Client was constructing the bridge on the western highway, without disrupting traffic. The accurate levels, general arrangement drawings, assembly drawings, and part drawings enabled them to successfully execute the bridge construction without deviating from schedule.

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