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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Sheet Metal Nesting Report for Plasma & Laser Cutting

The Client
Sheet Metal Fabricator, USA

The Objective

To develop comprehensive sheet metal nesting report for plasma & laser cutting.

The Solution

Comprehensive sheet metal nesting report was provided to the client with a 2D input file in DXF & DWG format accessible by the client’s CNC machine. The nesting was applied to utilize the material optimally for maximum material savings.

Nesting is an extremely useful process involved in sheet metal works aimed at utilizing the material effectively during blanking or laser cutting metal sheets. Through the use of algorithms, an optimal orientation of the similar geometrical blanks to be cut from the metal sheet is identified to save the material considerably.

A leading engineering firm from US partnered with Hi-Tech for their sheet metal nesting requirements.


Sheet Metal Nesting Report
Sheet Metal Nesting Report

The blank information received from the client was converted into 2D drawing using CAD tools. Nesting process was executed to identify six blanks of similar geometry to be laser cut with minimal material wastage. The final drawing in DWG and DXF format was provided to the client to make it accessible for the CNC machine.



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