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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Reverse Engineering of Steel Strapping Machine for a Tool Manufacturer, USA

The Client
Tools Manufacturering, USA

The Objective

To reverse engineer steel strapping machine for design optimization and document design information digitally

The Solution

The CAD model of the steel strapping machine was developed using 3D scanning technique and manual dimension measurement. In order to reverse engineer, the machine was disassembled sequentially to capture accurate geometric information of each individual component. The final design obtained was utilized to perform structural analysis for identification of stress concentration. Based on the analysis results, the design was optimized to withstand high stress values without failure.

Effective Rapid Prototyping Services
Effective Rapid Prototyping Services

A leading tools manufacturer from the US approached Hi-Tech to reverse engineer steel strapping machine, which possessed a design flaw that led to premature failure. The client needed to investigate the problem through simulation and needed a design solution to overcome the early failure issue.


Engineering Solution

The overall project was separated into six stages:

The steel strapping machine prototype was transformed into digital CAD model using 3D scanning technique and manual measurements. To reverse engineer the machine, individual components were disassembled and respective geometrical information was recorded to obtain accurate overall design of the machine. Individual component drawings as well as detailed manufacturing drawings were prepared. The components were then analyzed separately for structural integrity and stress concentration to identify critical areas in design requiring optimization.

Based on the analysis results obtained, it was observed that two of the machine components needed modification in design in order to sustain stress levels resulting during the machine operation. Modifications in the design were made and the new design of the machine was proposed with better ergonomics and strength against loads to withstand premature failure.


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