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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Process Tank Configurator for Industrial Equipment Manufacturer, Netherlands

Industrial Equipment Manufacturer, Netherlands

The Objective

Automate repetitive engineering tasks to expedite manufacturing of custom industrial tanks through product configurator.

The Solution

To automate custom tank design, a master 3D CAD model was prepared in Inventor with iLogic rules. Constraints were applied to ensure that the model remains within the given design range. By entering values for each design parameter in a form within the Inventor environment, the models, drawings and BOM lists were generated automatically, reducing engineering lead time significantly.

Autodesk Inventor, iLogic
Tank Configurator
Tank Configurator
Tank Configurator

Client Challenges:

The Solution:

Most companies today look for ways to reduce time and cost in their engineering processes, as profit margins continue to shrink due to healthy competition. The situation is even strained in industries where products are required to be manufactured according to customer needs. Industrial equipment is one such industry where most of the product designs vary according to every individual plant requirements. Responding to each custom order with equal amount of efficiency and quality is often a challenge and significantly affects the revenues. For built-to-order products, automation in design process can help in reducing the lead times and avoid engineers from doing repetitive tasks. Hi-Tech delivered one such design automation solution to an industrial equipment manufacturer in Europe and developed a configurator for process tanks.

The design process for custom industrial tanks was automated through Inventor iLogic. With this built-in component within Inventor, logic rules were created for relevant tank parameters in order to automatically generate 3D CAD models, fabrication drawings and BOM lists for each new custom order. The engineer or sales personnel simply required entering design details provided within the form. In addition, the rules ensured that any information or value falling outside the given range will automatically be corrected, thereby avoiding any errors or rework.

Business Benefits:

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