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BIM Case Study

Converted 3D Scanned Point Cloud Data for an International Broadcast Center in UK

The Client
3D Laser Scanning & BIM, London, UK

The Objective

Convert 3D scanned point cloud data of an international broadcast center into an information rich, intelligent BIM, with LOD – 300

The Solution

BIM experts resurfaced the point cloud models into 3D BIM (LOD-300), ready to be loaded with the required information.

Revit, Recap
Point Cloud to BIM for an International Broadcast Center
Point Cloud to BIM for an International Broadcast Center

Client Company, one of the leading players in 3D laser scanning & BIM headquartered in London, UK, approached Hi-tech for surface reconstruction and conversion of scanned data of an International broadcast center into an intelligent BIM. Client conducted a survey of the ‘As built structure’ and derived point cloud data via laser scanning. 185 GB of scanned data was provided, and a BIM with level of detail – 300 was requested.


Engineering Solution


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