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Point Cloud to 3D BIM Modeling for a Commercial Building, Europe

BIM Modeling Case Studies
3D BIM Revit Model for a Commercial Building in Europe

Project Overview

Client Profile
Topographic Services Company
Tarragona, Europe
Civil Engineering
Point Cloud File (.rcp file)
Accurate structural models with basic architectural requirements / 3D CAD output exported from Revit
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Business Needs

  • A Topographic Services Company from Tarragona, Europe required a 3D model exported from Revit to check load calculations for new building design.
  • The need to acquire these deliverables was raised as the client wanted to demolish a part of the building and renovate it with a new design for commercial purposes.
  • An accurate structural 3D model with basic architecture was required to check the existing structure and perform load calculations based on the exported model.


  • Point cloud files shared by the client were large which were separated in boxes.
  • Had to make sure proper adjoining boxes were used.
  • Tight deadline requirements combined with high accuracy.

Our Solutions & Approach

Built a 3D CAD model exported from Revit for a total surface area of 111,000 m2 or 133 boxes.

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  • The scope was defined by the client, and the team spent around 2-3 days to set up and review the details of the Point Cloud (.rcp file) sent by the client as input.
  • Our team started with 2 boxes per week and gradually increased to 9-10 boxes per week
  • Manpower was augmented to enhance the productivity for various processes and QC.
  • The team size began with 4 members and grew to 6 members that included modelers and QC personnel.
  • Our team provided a better alternative to Bentley and suggested the modeling be performed in Revit and export the CAD model with standard details and layers.
  • The adoption of Revit helped process the file quicker to save time.

Business Impact

A complete 3D model was exported within project deadlines from Revit that helped the client:

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