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CFD Case Study

Design Optimization of Material Handling Ducts for a Cement Manufacturing Plant

The Client
Cement Manufacturer, India

The Objective

Visualization of flow pattern inside the duct bend and optimizing the design to reduce the pressure drop.

The Solution

The duct utilized to carry air in the cement industry was successfully analyzed for pressure drop. It was found that the bend geometry was responsible for pressure drop in the flow due to recirculation zones. Two design modifications were suggested to reduce the pressure drop significantly.

ANSYS Fluent 14.5


Engineering Solution

The duct design was first modeled using CAD tools, and was analyzed for pressure drop through the application of suitable boundary conditions and turbulence model. The results showed the development of recirculation zones near the bend region, promoting pressure drop significantly.

Based on the results, two design alternatives were suggested, which were aimed to reduce the pressure drop considering the geometrical feasibility.

The comparative results obtained were beneficial in terms of reducing the pressure drop. Both the designs showed significant reduction in pressure drop, making them a viable choice for an overall improvement in plant efficiency.


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