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Architectural Case Study

3D Models & Isometric Images with Texture Details for a Furniture Manufacturer in USA

The Client
Furniture Manufacturing, Retail, USA

Client Profile

The Client has diverse business interests ranging from value-engineering to packaging & logistics, and manufacturing furniture and fixtures for some of the leading brands in furniture retail.

3DS Max

Project Images

The Challenge

The client required 3D models of various sets of furniture items, to be developed based on reference pictures & concept sketches shared by them. Product images & sketches did not specify the dimensions of the furniture items. The team developing the 3D models faced a challenge as the models needed to be made with elevations (front, sides, and top) and dimensions.

The Solution

The models were developed on a basic level first, assuming the dimensions. After the basic models were approved by the client, they were further developed to show elevations, and isometric details.

Business Benefits

Significant reduction in time taken for product-development meant that the client gained traction in the manufacturing process, which resulted in a reduced time-to-market, ultimately, upping the profitability for the client.

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