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FEA Case Study

Finite Element Analysis to Locate & Analyse Fracture in a Universal Joint, Asia

The Client
Agriculture Purpose Vehicle Manufacturer, Asia

The Objective

Predicting fracture locations in universal joint and modifying design accordingly using FEA.

The Solution

A CAD model for simulation was developed and boundary conditions in the form of loads were applied to the universal joint model. The analysis revealed regions with critical stresses, predicting the possibility of fracture. Design modification was suggested based on analysis results to overcome fracture issue, which was confirmed with subsequent structural analysis.

static structural analysis
static structural analysis

One of the leading special purpose vehicle manufacturers approached Hi-Tech to obtain design solution for their existing universal joint model. Due to frequent static fractures in the existing universal joint design, the manufacturer suffered from costly downtime and needed corrective measures to prevent fracture conditions. They also needed our engineering team to work on design modification part to improve the design.


Engineering Solution

An assembly of the parts was created using Pro/E & the assembled model was imported to ANSYS for analysis. The analysis was done by using different boundary conditions and selecting the SOLID-92 tetrahedral element. The stress, strain and deformation on the ANSYS model of universal joint were checked for varying loading conditions. The analysis revealed that the maximum stress was occurring at both the yokes of universal joint at the middle span. The beginning location of crack corresponds to the point of highest stress. A modification of the design, by a slight increase in dimension was suggested after analyzing the parameters for different boundary conditions.


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