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Energy Modeling Case Study

Creation of HVAC Zones in eQuest for a Hospital Building, Dubai

The Client
Healthcare, UAE

Client Profile

The Client is a Dubai based conglomerate that conducts business in diverse industries, including energy consulting and auditing for a range of construction projects.

Hospital Building through Energy Modeling
Hospital Building through Energy Modeling

The Challenge

The client shared the pdf and CAD files of the architecture, structure, and MEP systems of a hospital in Dubai. They wanted to cut down the energy consumption of the building by bringing about changes in the lighting systems. Based on the pdf files of respective disciplines, the project team started the energy modeling process in eQuest.

The Solution

The project team created HVAC zones for the building, based on the model developed in eQuest. The team created another baseline model using the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 standards, and a report on the building’s energy consumption. As per the scope of the project, the team also had suggestions for energy conservation measures that the hospital building could implement, to reduce their energy usage.

Business Benefits

The Client was expecting 10-12% savings on their total energy expenditure whereas, with the ECMs, they could save ~14%. While the client was looking to reduce their energy expenditure only through making changes in the existing lighting systems, the comprehensive building energy analysis & report helped them plan for changes and alterations in other HVAC systems of the hospital building.

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