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Developed Automation Macro for Autodesk Inventor Library Search, Japan

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Developed Automation Macro for Autodesk Inventor Library Search, Japan

Project Overview

Client Profile
Environmental Systems Manufacturer
Power Engineering
Autodesk Inventor models library
.ivb file
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Business Needs

Develop an automation tool for finding all drawings related to any standard component used in a particular assembly. Once the documents are found, they have to be copied in a structured folder and change the document references as and when needed.


  • Design delivery period of 3+ days delaying final product delivery 
  • Time consuming repetitive tasks, with high possibility of errors
  • Managing and finding relevant drawings for standard component from the improperly maintained CAD library with several duplicate drawings

Our Solutions & Approach

Developed macro in Autodesk Inventor to automatically fetch drawing documents and 3D CAD models of the standard components used in the assembly.

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The manufacturer approached Hitech design automation engineers with his concerns of prolonged design cycles affecting the final product delivery. Automation engineers examined the originally shared CAD libraries by manufacturing firm’s design teams.

  • Automation engineers studied the scope of automation and carried out feasibility study for custom design needs.
  • Based on the initial audits, Hitech’s automation engineers suggested to develop an Autodesk Inventor macro to automatically fetch the relevant technical documents of the standard components used in the assembly.
  • .ivb file, equipped with logical decision making rules, was developed with search criteria and filters to find the most accurate documents out of all the copies found. It makes a copy on the local system and updates the current model references in the drawing documents.
  • In case of multiple files found, the macro would list out the files in descending order matching filter criteria.
  • Furthermore, when the macro is executed relevant flies are fetched from the library and all 3D CAD models and drawing documents are arranged in a structured format at the said location.
  • Towards the end, the tool will generate a report listing the number of documents found/not found in the listing.

The development of such a tool helped the design team at manufacturer’s facility to significantly reduce errors and increase production rate.

Business Impact

Project Samples

Beam Arrangement
Beam Arrangement
Developed Automation Macro for Autodesk Inventor
Developed Automation Macro for Autodesk Inventor
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