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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Design Automation for Custom Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, USA

The Client
Hollow Metal Doors & Frames Manufacturing, USA

The Objective

Reducing manufacturing and product delivery time to improve productivity and profitability.

The Solution

The time required for design process was reduced through design automation, which involved integrating automation and CAD tools. Based on set of rules, design automation allowed customization of more than 70,000 doors and frame designs. Custom tools were also developed to further improve the process. This approach resulted in significant time savings and allowed same day engineering and manufacturing of the product as compared to 4-5 days traditionally.

SolidWorks & DriveWorks
Design Automation for Custom Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors and frames are one of the demanding products in the US market due to the benefits of light weight and strength. For manufacturers however, meeting the customer demands on time and as per their customization requirements is challenging, especially because these products fall into design-to-order or engineering-to-order category. To remain competitive, manufacturers are required to respond quickly to the inquiry, quote the right price and deliver the product on time.

One of the leading manufacturers of hollow metal doors & frames approached Hi-Tech to get design support and solution to reduce their engineering lead time.

Business Requirements / Challenges:

The Solution

Hi-Tech utilized design automation using DriveWorks to solve client challenges. A database was created to capture every single detail required for design, manufacturing and pricing. The automation was done based on the application of set of rules to automatically modify the door and frame dimensions in SolidWorks based on customization requirements. By entering the details in a friendly user interface, CAD models, 2D manufacturing drawings and quotes generated automatically, which directly reduced the engineering time from 4-5 days to one day. This further helped in maintaining the design quality and allowed the client to manufacture the product faster as well as deliver the product on time to the customers.


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