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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Developed 3D Model, Assembly & Detailed 2D Drawings for Crash Test Dummies, USA

The Client
Crash Test Dummy Manufacturing, USA

The Objective

To develop 3D model, assembly and detailed 2D drawings for crash test dummies

The Solution

Surface modeling, assembly and detailed 2D drawings were developed as per the inputs provided by the client. Manufacturing information was accurately provided within the detailed 2D drawings to meet the requirements of production. Comprehensive digital model of the crash test dummy was developed, assisting client in easy manufacturing and future modifications.

3D Modeling & Drafting for Crash Test Dummies
 3D Modeling & Drafting for Crash Test Dummies

A leading ATD manufacturer from the US required a 3D modeling and drafting solution for a crash test dummy as per the design specification mentioned by the automobile manufacturer.


Engineering Solution

The crash test dummy model was successfully developed in 3D using professional CAD tools, with accurate surface geometry and assembly details. In order to ensure weight proportions and articulation to replicate human body, special care was taken to maintain dimensional accuracy. Along with a 3D model of the dummy, detailed assembly as well as 2D drawings was provided to the client to meet the production requirements.


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