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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Prototype Model of an Emergency Medical Box using Rapid Prototyping, UK

The Client
Healthcare, UK

The Objective

To conceptualize, design and develop prototype model of an emergency medical box

The Solution

The medical box design was prepared using CAD tools based on the requirements received from the client. The number and size of compartments required were incorporated during the design process and the design was finalized for rapid prototyping

Concept Development to Rapid Prototyping
Concept Development to Rapid Prototyping


Engineering Solution

A leading global healthcare service provider from UK needed a comprehensive solution to devise a medical box for emergency situations. CAD professionals at Hi-Tech teamed up to conceptualize the box design, identified the number and sizes of compartment required to adequately include medicinal supplies and developed CAD model.

Based on the inputs received from the client, the medical box design was finalized and a prototype was developed using rapid prototyping technique.


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