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CFD Case Study

CFD Analysis of Air Flow inside Oil Tanks

The Client
Cement Manufacturer, India

The Objective

To study the air flow inside oil tanks provided to scavenge the fuel vapors through the outlet.

The Solution

The tank designed for oil storage was first modeled through CAD tools and the simulation domain was identified to obtain the air distribution across the tank.

ANSYS Fluent 14


Engineering Solution

The oil tank was developed through CAD tools and the air flow domain was identified based on the oil height level. Baffles separating the tank in compartments were also modeled and the air flow was simulated, considering required boundary condition and the turbulence model. It was observed that the air flow was sufficient in first two compartments, yet, there were recirculating zones, reducing the flow velocity in other compartments.

Also, it was measured that the pressure in the first two compartments were comparatively higher, due to accumulation of air due to recirculation.


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