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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Designs for Bunded Containers used for Fuel Storage for a Fuel & Water Tanks Manufacturer

The Client
Fuel & Water Tanks Manufacturing

The Objective

To offer design solution through CAD tools for bunded fuel tanks of different capacities and global standards

The Solution

The bunded container for fuel storage with different capacities were developed with a team of design engineers and CAD professionals, maintaining the required regulatory standards such as UN, ADR, PPG2, BS799, UL, etc. Detailed manufacturing drawings were prepared along with on-site support to the manufacturing team.

 Fuel & Water Tanks Manufacturer
Fuel & Water Tanks Manufacturer

A major bunded container manufacturer with a global presence approached Hi-Tech for design solution and manufacturing support for their different range of storage tanks.


Engineering Solution

The design of bunded containers for fuel storage was developed using professional CAD tools by a team of design engineers and CAD specialists. Considering the regulatory norms of different countries, customized tank designs were developed with detailed manufacturing drawings to assist manufacturing team comprehensively.

Initial assistance included a design solution for a bunded container 20/40 feet above ground level with different variance and regulatory standards. At present, Hi-Tech extends design solution for tanks with capacity ranging from 100 to 16000 Gallons.


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